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Daniel Jiménez Quiroz

Daniel Jiménez Quiroz

Daniel Jiménez Quiroz promotes the publication of comics and the graphic novel in Colombia.

Since 2006 Daniel has worked as a publisher of LARVA, a specialist magazine in Colombia dedicated to the promotion of comics by authors from around the world. LARVA has published Latin American comic authors and has established itself as a unique publication in the sector. Some of its international collaborators include Shaun Tan, who won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in 2011, and Peter Bagge, a key player in the revolution of American comics during the 90s. Daniel manages LARVA’s magazine, the Editorial Robot, which specialises in graphic novels and fanzines. He also heads up the organisation that runs Entreviñetas, a festival dedicated to graphic novels and comics.

Daniel is a winner of the YCE Publishing Award 2012.