Creative Entrepreneurship

Young Creative Entrepreneur Programme

The Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) programme IDENTIFIES and CONNECTS a global group of emerging creative pioneers, founders and innovators.


"I've learned a lot from this trip, from the other YCEs and from the amazing set of companies we met and learned from. And I intend to build on my learnings and develop the industry further in my country."  Iman Ben Chaibah, Digital Publishing YCE, 2014

We look for people who have been in business 2 - 7 years and who are making an impact through NEW IDEAS and NEW BUSINESS MODELS and inspiring others around them through their work.



Our alumni are global innovators, pioneers and leaders

Since 2004, we're been selecting the “ones to watch” from creative sectors around the world and bringing them together in the UK to share ideas, insight and spark off international collaborations.

In 2014 we are growing our network with new YCEs from DIGITAL PUBLISHING, LIVE MUSIC, CULTURE, BROADCAST and FASHION/ DESIGN.  These pioneers will be truly global, representing countries including China, Brazil, UAE, Spain, Colombia, Russia, South Africa, Poland, Indonesia Zimbabwe and Portugal.

YCE 2014 highlights so far:
April, we brought digital publishing pioneers to the Publishing for Digital Minds conference and The London Book Fair; read about it here.
In May, we brought live music entrepreneurs to The Great Escape Music Festival.

Still to come:

In July, we are bringing a group of  culture entrepreneurs to the London Remix Summit.
In August, we are taking Broadcast entrepreneurs to the Edinburgh International TV Festival.
In September, we are bringing a group of fashion/ design entrepreneurs to London for London Fashion Week/ London Design Week.

During the week long tours, the YCEs connect with innovative UK start-ups and pioneers and become part of an exciting creative businesses co-mentoring programme delivered by Nesta.


Some of our most inspiring alumni include:

Ridwan Kamil, winner of Indonesian YCE in 2004, in 2013 elected Mayor of Bandung.

Dana Kleinert won the Slovakian YCE in 2011 and went on to form the first Slovak Fashion Council.


Uche Pedro, won the Nigeria YCE in 2013 and has just been named one of Africa’s top 30 young entrepreneurs by Forbes (one of the few women on the list).



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