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Culture Shift II is now live in Lagos!

Teams of technologists and creatives are busy working on solutions to specific creative sector challenges in Nigeria, which will be brought to life in a 2-day hackathon next week.


Building on the success of the pilot Culture Shift earlier this year, the second installment of the programme features a similar mix of high-powered collaborations, ideation workshops and innovative practices that it is hoped will yield scalable solutions worthy of serious investment and more widespread impact.

Culture Shift II takes place first in Lagos, Nigeria as a collaboration between the British Council and Co-Creation Hub Nigeria (CCHub), a social innovation centre that functions at the heart of Nigeria's technology innovation ecosystem.

The focus of the pilot Culture Shift in March 2012 was on 'ICT for Festivals Development'. This time Culture Shift is working with a range of 'high potential' companies from across the cultural and creative sectors in Nigeria - each of whom are coming with their own set of critical business challenges.

Four teams of software developers and designers from the CcHub community are now in the process of collaborating with these companies to build innovative and relevant solutions.

The companies chosen are Chocolate City Group, Trybe Records, L’Espace, Lufodo Performing Arts Academy, Modern Day School of Arts and Crown Troupe of Nigeria, and comprise record labels, fashion houses and education institutions.

Over the course of this week teams will participate in ideation workshops facilitated by CcHub, where they will  interact with these companies and seek to understand the challenges they face so as to identify appropriate interventions.

The creative companies, in conjunction with the British Council and CcHub, will then hear the proposals of each team and decide which solutions they should develop, with emphasis on a broad mix of areas of intervention. A key criteria for the solutions to be built is that they should be scalable across the creative sector in Nigeria, or at least in the subsector of the commissioning creative company.

Once the solutions are selected, teams will then proceed to build them at the 2-day hackathon, taking place on 27th and 28th Nov. The most promising solutions will be selected by a panel of industry representatives and will be awarded seed capital to bring their ideas to life.

Over the coming months, the creative agencies will be supported through CcHub and other mentoring opportunities so as to optimize the impact of their digital innovations and bring their solutions to market.

We can't wait to see the results!

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