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Tender for New CE Publication: Hubs

The Creative Economy team are inviting responses to a brief for a new British Council publication on the theme of 'hubs'. Deadline for response 27th February.

Exciting things happen when (people from) culture, enterprise and (digital) technology meet!

@ CultureShift

We are looking for someone to co-edit and write a new booklet on HUBS with the Creative Economy team and to help with design and print as well as an online space (rooted in the existing British Council Creative Economy website) to accompany its release.


In the UK and around the world, exciting things are happening at the intersection of culture, enterprise and digital technology. Fuelling the dynamism, innovation and imagination of the creative economy through new ideas, products and services, these hubs can be found in diverse forms - physical and virtual, government-led and accidental, from commercially-driven tech clusters to informal spaces for play and experimentation.

Above all, they involve a mix of people from the creative industries, digital technology, academia and their audiences/communities and present positive externalities which are having influence over an increasing number of other sectors.

@ CultureShift

This booklet will present examples where these people meet, consider some of the models which inspire new interactions and crossovers and ask some cool cats what they think make hubs so exciting, both now and in the future.

It is not intended as any sort of blueprint but does explore support structures and implications for policy as well as inspiration and challenges by and for industry and practitioners.


We are looking to commission co-editor and begin in February, then commission provocations in March and complete by 5th May 2013.

Download - Before responding please take a look at the full brief here.

Please respond to Beatrice Pembroke expressing interest and proposed outline approach by Wednesday 27 February 2013.