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China-UK Creative Economy summit

A Chinese delegation of cultural policy-makers and academics from the Ministry of Culture, the Beijing Municipal Government and Tsinghua University visits London to discuss challanges and share recent developments in their local creative economy.

© Rebecca Shoesmith

The British Council, in partnership with King’s College London's Culture, Media & Creative Industries Department, hosted a delegation of cultural policymakers and academics from China interested in sharing ideas around the support and development of the creative economy. The three day visit included meetings and roundtable discussions with British experts and key representatives of the UK's creative economy.

Chinese representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Tsinghua University, the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) and the Beijing Municipal Government took part in the discussions from 11-13 July, exploring a number of themes relating to the development of the creative and cultural economy in the UK and China, including labour markets, regulation and evaluation. Key UK creative and cultural economy figures and organisations took part in the event, such as John Newbigin, Dr Kate Oakley, Professor Sara Selwood, Martin Bright, BOP consulting, NESTA and the Arts Council England. The delegation also visited some examples of local development projects in this area, such as the British Library Business and IP Centre, TechHub and the Whitechapel Gallery.


The visit was the first in what is hoped to be a series of reciprocal exchanges between the UK and China around this agenda, and culminated in the signing of an agreement regarding future research collaborations between Tsinghua University and King’s College London.

A second  summit exploring creative and cultural policy development will take place in Beijing in 2012 which will build on the discussions had and relationships formed during the three day event.